Loss of Securities

What should I do if my share/ debenture certificates are lost/ stolen?

Please immediately intimate LIIPL regarding loss of certificates, giving details of folio number and distinctive numbers. It is advisable to lodge a complaint with the local Police Station.

Kindly send LIIPL an acknowledged copy of the Complaint/ FIR for advice on the further course of action.

You should state:

  • Name of the Company in which you hold securities.

  • Your full name and address, as recorded with LIIPL.

  • The distinctive number(s) of the certificate(s) that is/are missing.

If you do not know the number(s) of the missing certificate(s) please provide the number(s) of the certificates still in your possession. Please also state if the certificate(s) is/are lost or stolen. If the certificate(s) is/ are stolen, we will require the F.I.R as issued by the Police. Your letter must be signed by at least one of the holders. We will send you the documents to be executed for issue of duplicate certificates.

In case you trace your certificates, please inform LIIPL immediately so as to avoid any complexity/delay in future transactions.

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