Tax Deduction

I am not a taxpayer, am I required to file a declaration for non-deduction of tax at source for my dividend/ interest amount?

As per the recent Finance Bill, tax will be deducted at source at the prescribed rates, if the amount due to you exceeds Rs. 2500 (the current threshold limit). In case you are not a tax-payer/not liable for deduction of tax at source, please furnish a declaration in Form 15G for dividend, Form 15H for claiming tax exemption from interest paid on debentures/ Fixed deposits, Form 15 for Non-Residents and for Corporate, tax exemption certificate issued by Income tax authorities.

Note: Kindly send the forms duly completed by the 1st of April every year to avoid missing out on the book closure/record dates due to oversight. Forms 15H/ 15G are valid for only one financial year and fresh declaration has to be submitted every year.

How do I obtain a duplicate Tax Deduction certificate?

Please write, giving:

  • Details of the TDC that you require.

  • Name of the Company in which you hold the securities.

  • Your full name and address.

  • Your folio number, which will be available from the share/debenture certificate(s) or dividend/interest warrant(s)

  • Payment date(s) and financial yea

For any queries not covered herein, please refer to LIIPL for clarifications, quoting your Reference Folio No.

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