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New Age Metal

In recent times, the jewelry industry has been facing steady competition from rapidly growing lifestyle segments. Add to this, the threat posed by soaring gold prices. The need for a cheaper yet valuable alternative metal has been felt by the jewelry market like never before.

While 925 Silver is an easy replacement for white gold, there was no cheaper substitute for yellow gold. Several attempts have been made by prominent players in the alloy manufacturing segment to get a yellow metal to substitute yellow gold.

Many formulations available in the market had silver content ranging from 20 to 36%. With over 50% silver content, Honeydium, invented by Tara jewels, has the color that will easily give any jewelry article the perception of being a 10 karat yellow gold jewelry item at a fraction of the cost!

Honeydium – Bar


Honeydium – The New Age Metal

Honeydium is an alloy which has 55.31% silver, 34.21% copper, 9.23% zinc and 1.25% indium. (plus or minus 5%). With a color similar to 10 karat yellow gold, this is a cheaper substitute to 10 kt yellow gold. Since it is a solid yellow alloy, unlike yellow gold plated silver jewelry, the yellow color of Honeydium will not rub off or wear off over time.

Honeydium is completely hypoallergenic for the wearer. This modern alloy has:

  • Excellent castability and reusability
  • Wonderful mechanical properties to make stone setting and polishing easy.
  • No nickel emission or any toxic substance release.
  • Firescale elimination
  • Tarnish resistant properties
  • 100% lead free

It is because of these properties that both the jewelry manufacturing as well as usage is convenient.