Know Your Jewellery

Gifting Guide

Gifting Guide

Gifting jewellery can be an extremely romantic gesture and an easy way to create a memory that she'll forever cherish. There is certainly a lot of pressure to buy the perfect gift and with jewellery, you simply can't go wrong! Here is a guide to help you gift the perfect piece of jewellery that will win her heart over.

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Necklace – Gift Ideas for Her


When choosing a necklace for your special someone, pay careful attention to her tastes. Is she one to prefer the flash of diamonds or would she rather opt for the timelessness of pearls. Also, take note of any necklaces she wears now for length and type. If you are at a loss for a gemstone type, even after diligent research, then the easiest option would be gifting her birthstone.


Earrings – Gift Ideas for Her



Earrings are the perfect accompaniment to a necklace. However, you can also buy her earrings separately. Again, take note of any events or occasions in which she gets all dressed up and whether or not she wears earrings. If she does wear earrings, check to see if she wears more hoops or studs.

Rings – Gift Ideas for Her



Rings are of course perfect to signify important milestones as a couple. You could also simply purchase a ring to accompany a necklace and earring set. If she wears other rings, take note of the type, size and gemstone. Also, it is very important to remember her ring size!

Bracelets – Gift Ideas


The diamond tennis bracelet is a classic, timeless gift, but you can also buy a simple gold or silver band. Another popular bracelet option is the charm bracelet. Each charm represents an important time or event in her life and a piece of jewelry you can add to for years to come. Make sure you choose special charms that are meaningful for both of you.