Tara Jewels World

Tara Jewels has a presence in countries across the globe such as India, USA, Australia, Germany, China and Honduras through sales and distribution offices, design studios or production units.
World map showing presence of Tara Jewels Limited across the world

Sales & Distribution Offices

New York, USA
Los Angeles, USA
Dallas, USA
Sydney, Australia
Geneva, Switzerland
Hong Kong, China


Production Units

Mumbai, India
Pan Yu, China,


Design Studios

Mumbai, India
Hong Kong, China
Los Angeles, USA


Organisation Structure
Tara Jewels Organization Structure Chart

An Overview

At Tara, growth and expansion has been a part of our strategy. This vision has been realized with the acquisition of companies to benefit our business.

Fabrikant Tara International LLC

In mid 2006, Tara Jewels Holdings, Inc. established its first United States diamond and gemstone wholesale jewellery division, Fabrikant-Tara International, LLC (FTI) incorporated in Delaware, with an office  in New York City. With sales, merchandizing, marketing and inventory teams in place, FTI has got off the ground with numerous new ventures.

Fabrikant-Taras strategic focus is on the loose diamond business, solitaires, branded jewellery and diamonds, retail. By leveraging its market experience and network of customers it focuses on the growing luxury diamond and jewellery segments.

Over the years, Fabrikant has built relations with De Beers and with other leading rough diamond producers. This ensures that the company has access to the highest quality of diamonds to serve the luxury sector as well as an adequate supply for the mass market customer. Fabrikant Tara supplies to Zale Corporation, Walmart Group, Sterling Jewellers Inc., Dicia Jewellery Limited, Signet Trading Limited etc. The depth and scope of distribution (over 5.000 doors) allows for purchase of large amounts of a broad range of diamonds.

Tara Jewellers

Tara Jewellers has shifted its focus from a Commodity Selling Approach to a Branded Marketing Approach.
An important step forward has been the move to replace consumers dependency on "trust", with "knowledge" about diamond jewellery. This, paired with key Confidence Building programs for consumers, helps to simplify the process of jewellery purchase and make it more transparent and credible.

With our renewed focus on the rapidly growing "Middle India", Tara aims to reduce inventories to bring stocks in line with customer preferences and position its products and marketing on the platform of affordable luxury.

By trans-creating the knowledge and experience from international retail to Tara Retail, we look forward to redefining the jewelry purchase experience holistically from the consumer perspective. By 31st March, 2013, Tara targets the setting up of 50 stores in India.

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Tara Hong Kong Ltd.

While jewellery is designed in Hong Kong, steel, beads, stamped jewelry bag charms, high end bridal and fashion products are manufactured and distributed at Pan Yu, China.